The 2 Biggest Factors That Affect the Success of Dental Implants
When your dentist suggests that you need dental implants, you are likely to find yourself at the office of an oral surgeon. After this advanced exam, your oral surgeon will determine if dental implant treatment will be successful for your oral health problems. In some cases, other types of interventions will be necessary to help › Read more
Improve Your Dental Health: Treat Sleep Apnea with Oral Surgery
Undiagnosed sleep apnea is known to cause serious health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, headaches, memory problems, and stroke. What many people may not know is that dental health issues can also be a side effect of undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea. Oral surgery can be your solution. › Read more
5 Reasons You May Need Oral Surgery
Your dentist will stress the importance of brushing and flossing daily and having dental cleanings every six months. However, a healthy mouth is about more than preventing cavities from developing. You want your gums, jawbone, and teeth to all work together seamlessly so that you don’t experience pain, discomfort, or oral health problems. Compromised gums, › Read more
Make the Educated Choice: Dental Implants vs. Dentures
When it comes to choosing between dental implants and dentures to replace missing teeth, the question isn’t always which restorative treatment is the “best.” More accurately, the “right” choice is the one that works for your particular level of oral health. A consultation with an oral surgeon will give you the best information about whether › Read more
Does Everyone Need to Have their Wisdom Teeth Removed?
Some people are born with perfectly aligned teeth, and some people are not. Nearly the same thing goes for wisdom teeth. Many individuals will find themselves having to visit an oral surgeon and schedule wisdom teeth removal, while some may not have to undergo such a procedure. › Read more
5 Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants
There was a time when people who had missing teeth simply had to live with this problem. Then bridges and dentures became viable options for tooth replacement. Thankfully, dental innovations are ongoing, and a comfortable, durable, natural-looking option is the preferred method for replacing missing teeth: dental implants. › Read more
Preserve Your Orthodontic Investment: Choose Wisdom Teeth Removal
Anyone who has ever worn braces knows how much effort and work this endeavor requires. The last thing you want is for your perfectly aligned smile to be threatened in any way. But the eruption of wisdom teeth can entirely reverse the progress of orthodontic treatment. Wisdom teeth removal preserves your investment in orthodontia. › Read more

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